This page will show you how to access your contributions to Faith Bentonville. 

To Begin click the link bellow to access my church membership online web page. 
(It should open a new tab for you)

Step 1

You Should come to the page displayed 

Step 2

In the green circle there is a section called "Need Your Login Information?" 
Fill space with the email you gave to Faith Bentonville. 

If you are not sure what email works for the account please email either



turtorial images2.jpg

Step 3

If everything worked you will see this screen. 

Step 4

You will receive and email to the email address you placed in the "Need Your Login Information?" Box. 

The email will look like the image here. 

Copy the Password and go back to My Church Membership Online. 

turtorial images4.jpg

Step 5

Now Log in with the information provided in the email. 

Step 6

You are now logged in!
Now Update your Password by going to the account tab. 

Checking your Contributions. 
Step 7

Click Contributions

Then select your date rage by clicking on the actual date. 

You can then download the PDF. 

Step 8
Please Update your Personal info while you are logged in to the system. 

I have a Problem. 

if you see this screen. 
Try a different email
Or let us know you are having a problem
Send us an email to
Include your prefered church email and your name. 

Pastor Cris