Here at Faith Bentonville we are gloriously messy with how we live in the community. For we have many groups which function in the church, however many groups are just not that focused. They are truly part of their neighborhoods and cities around Bentonville. Community is not neat and tidy and we are calling you to be messy with us. 

This is a list of the groups closely related to Faith Bentonville. 

Schommer Community Group

Tuesday (every other) 6:45pm
Location - Rogers

This is a thriving community life group, Creating a deep since of community while giving a deeper study into the scriptures. 

Wednesday Night
Community Life Group

Wednesdays 6:15pm 
Location - North Bentonville
eader - Matt Yeager

Womens Prayer and Share

Every Other Sunday 6:30
Location - West Bentonville
Coli Escher

Sunday Night Basketball.