Another great human need is that of peace.  Even though we all have to work and sometimes struggle for our daily bread we can take heart and have inward peace because we rest in Jesus’ hands.  In John 16:33, Jesus encourages his disciples by telling them, “I tell you these things, so that in me, you may have peace.   In this world we will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  He is telling us not to worry, but to be happy and joyful in the Lord.

          We need to remember God is in control and to that end, our needs rest in His hands.  In Matthew 10, Jesus tells his disciples…”Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father.  And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth far more than many sparrows.”

          Jesus also showed us through feeding the masses that when we rest in God, He can ease our struggles.  In Matthew 15:29-38 we have a large mass of people following Jesus as he set ashore from a lake.  He had compassion on the crowd because they were wandering around without a spiritual guide, and were hungry and defenseless.  Jesus began to teach them.  As the day wore on, the disciples became restless and grumbled about the crowd, worrying about how to feed so many people with no money.  The crowd really annoyed the disciples. They urged the Lord to send the people away.  Yet the very same mass of people drew compassion from Christ.   Are we not perhaps a little like those disciples?  Are people an intrusion to us or are they the object of our love and compassion?

          Similar to children competing for the attention of a parent, the disciples were trying to convince Jesus to get rid of the people and used the need for food as an excuse.  They had forgotten Jesus was truly Lord of their needs.  But Jesus would remind them in a big way when he provided spiritual and physical nourishment for over four thousand people.  You see, God can use our meager resources to do miraculous things. 

          Jesus turned to the disciples and said, “You give them something to eat.”  The whole thing seemed preposterous; four thousand men, plus women and children, and nothing but a seven loaves of bread and a few fish…and God.  In the miracle that followed the Savior lovingly illustrated how he would give Himself to be the Bread of Life for a starving world.  Just as Jesus broke bread to feed the many, His body would be broken so that all peoples might have eternal life.  In fact, the words used are highly suggestive of the Lord’s Super which commemorates His death:  “MT 26: 26, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples saying “Take and eat; this is my body.”

          Our needs will be supplied in abundance because God is generous.  We know by one man’s (Adams’) offense death reigned as a cruel thief.  But by God’s overflowing Grace and salvation bought by Jesus’ labor on the cross; all believers can rein in life eternal through the One, Jesus Christ.  When we look at the world and wonder how we can ever share Jesus, remember the Lord calls to us to give the people something to eat!  If we give what we have, no matter how small it may seem, Jesus can multiply it into blessing for many needs (Romans 5:17).

          I’d like assure you we can find rest in the Lord because Jesus is the Lord of our needs.  One of our Heavenly Fathers names is Jehovah Ji-Rah, which means “God provides.”  He will provide for our needs in abundance; but we must first stop relying on our own strength and wisdom, and choose to accept His help.  Our challenge is to remember that God is in control.  Although our problems don’t go away, we can trust that God can help us deal with them.

          Jesus recognizes our needs, especially our need to rest, to draw aside regularly and spend time with Him.  When we follow His command to gather together and worship, we can take a different perspective on our problems.  When we rest in Christ we are refreshed and renewed physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We reorient our life; we reset our personal compass to be God pleasing.  We have the freedom and safety of resting between God’s mighty shoulders.  We can trust God’s promise of salvation through His Son, and we can have inward peace in our struggles because we know Jesus overcame the world through His resurrection.  To be successful as Christians we need to make Christ the center of all we do and who we are.  When we do these things our needs can be truly meet.

          In conclusion, I would like to pray.  Dear Heavenly Father, you are great, your goodness is limitless.  As a loving Father you forgive transgression and sin.  Have mercy upon me and forgive what I have done and what I have left undone.  Quiet my troubled conscience with the understanding my sins are forgiven.  By faith in Jesus please fill my heart with the joy of adoption into your heavenly family.  Please help me live in your peace.  Amen.