Ministry Plan and Budget for 2015-2016  


Our Vision. To serve a busy and distracted community, encourage them to find true fulfillment in Jesus Christ, and participate in the community of believers.


  1. Everything we do centers around Growing Community | Sharing Jesus

    1. We make Bentonville better.

      1. We have been made new by Jesus so we take that newness into Bentonville, making it new.

      2. Sharing his restoration with the community both at Faith and our towns.

  2. Outside Vision.

    1. At Faith We Believe in Making Bentonville Better. We do this not just for us, not just for the christians. But for everyone no matter what they think or believe: Because that is what Jesus did for us.

  3. Circle In --- 5 ways to Circle people into our community.  Build an investment of commitment, love, and trust with individuals as they grow in knowledge and faith in Christ.

    1. 1 - Circle in through your daily life.

        1. You life exists to share Jesus in everything you do in order to make the world around you into a better place.

      1. This is called being neighborly.

      2. Invite people to your table.

      3. Invite people into your life.

    2. 2 - Circle in through Servant Events.

        1. Faith Servant Events exist to share the redemption (made betterness) of Jesus with the world around us so that we can bring redemption to it; make it better.

      1. Come to Servant Events (they are a lot of fun)

      2. Bring friends to Servant Events.

      3. Initiate new Servant Event ideas and get them going.

    3. 3 - Circle in through Community Interest Groups

        1. They exist to share Jesus in everything we do in order make Bentonville a better place through meaningful activities and bringing people together.

      1. Examples include: Sunday Basketball, Cycling, Movies, jewelry and craft parties, etc.  

      2. If you have an interest, start a group!

    4. 4 - Circle in through Community Life Groups.

        1. They exist to study the Scriptures in order to grow closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus,to grow closer to one another, and to discover and foster ways to make Bentonville a better place.

      1. Community groups, both interest and life, will continue to play the role of getting to know people better.

      2. The community groups will see themselves as Making Bentonville Better and our Servant Events will come through them. .

    5. 5 - Circle In through Invitations to Church service.

      1. Church service exists for the body of Christ to gather together in the midst of a very physical savior, worshiping the messiah, and building up each other.


- Members of Faith Bentonville will grow closer and rely on one another.

  1. Faith Bentonville will increase our tithe to other nonprofits, church ministries, and to those who are in need in the community

  2. Build worship attendance

    1. We will do this through a dynamic, impactful, and meaningful Sunday morning.

    2. The congregation will support Sunday in volunteering and supporting.

    3. The congregation will not just come for worship but also for the fellowship before and after worship.

  3. Participate in servant events

    1. We will not be showy but serve in humbleness to make our city a better place.

    2. We will invite others in the community to serve with us whenever possible.

    3. We will give away ourselves to those around us.

      1. Being amazingly generous.

  4. Increase our volunteers at Faith Bentonville

    1. We need help in the working of the church

    2. We need people to be in charge of….

      1. Visitor and new member relations

      2. Community Group manager

      3. Building Maintenance

      4. Building Beautification

      5. Source Coffee Bar

      6. Servant Events

      7. Social Events (ie Dinners, and park grill outs)

      8. Social Events (ie, Float Trips, camping outings)

      9. Technology, (ie Sunday morning, web)

      10. Bereavement, Hospital, and Prayers.

    3. We need volunteers

      1. Children’s Ministry

      2. Nursery

      3. Youth Ministry

      4. Community Groups

      5. Worship / Sunday Set up.

      6. Hospitality

      7. Greeters

      8. Maintenance

      9. Organizing/Cleaning

      10. And More


How do I fulfill my role in membership at Faith Bentonville (How can I fulfill the ministry plan as a member of Faith Bentonville)?


Live a Balanced Life. Spend 2% of your life (3hrs a week) in Spiritual activities.

    Spend the 98% in service and building up those around you.


Support Faith with your time, talents, and money.


  1. Your Table/home is extremely important, both for the Church and your neighbors.

    1. Grow your faith at home.

      1. Regular devotions

      2. Home bible studies.

      3. Literature.

      4. Bible Reading.

    2. Grow community | Share Jesus

    3. Begin to circle people in. Sharing the redemption of Christ.

      1. Invite non-Christians into your life.

        1. Find someone new and begin hanging out with them.

      2. Come to and bring others to Servant Events so we may bring Christ’s redemption to others.

        1. Discover and foster ways for you to bring Christ redemption.

        2. Pray for opportunities to become part of the community around you.

        3. Bring Friends to these events.

        4. Don’t just stop at the Faith led events; seek other chances too.

      3. Share Jesus in everything you do!

        1. Be incredibly generous with everyone with your time, talent, and money.

    4. Join or start a Community Group.

      1. Connect with a Community Interest Group.

        1. Start an interest Group

        2. Bring friends to the interest group.

      2. Share your life and study with a Community Life Group.

        1. Prepare to Share your Life

        2. Prepare to Study the Bible.

    5. Come to Sunday worship.

      1. Worship the God who saves us.

      2. Get to Faith early and stay late, sharing your life with the community.

      3. Eat together.

      4. Be friendly to those new in our midst.




FOR FISCAL YEAR AUGUST 01, 2015 - JULY 31, 2016    

FAITH PROJECTED INCOME 2015-2016:        


General Fund Contributions------------------------------------------------------------$220,000



Staff Investments (Fixed):        

Pastor Cris Escher---------------------------------------------------------------------$56,700

Office / Worship------------------------------------------------------------------------ $10,000

Coffee & Nursery-----------------------------------------------------------------------$7,000



TOTAL STAFF INVESTMENT:                        $80,000



Contract Help------------------------------------------------------------------------------$4,000

Janitor & Misc        




General Operating Expenses (Fixed)    -----------------------------------------------$105,135

Advertising, Employee Education, Travel, Office Equipment & Supplies,

Kitchen Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Postage, Dues, Subscriptions,

Licensing, Building Supplies & Furniture, Internet & Phone Service,

Copier Expenses, Utilities, Mortgage, Youth Room Improvement, Lawn care


Building Maintenance ------------------------------------------------------------------$2,500

Insurances: Liability & Workers Comp ----------------------------------------------$11,300

Tithes to District and Missions (Faith's 10% tithe to several organizations)    $22,000

Faith Sunday Morning Worship Expenses -----------------------------------------$1,000

Music Equipment, Licensing, Flowers, Portals of Prayer        

Communion Supplies, Offering Envelopes, CMS, etc.        


TOTAL OPERATIONAL INVESTMENT:                    $141,935


PROGRAM INVESTMENTS (Variable):        

Church Family Ministry & Event Expenses (Books, Sunday Food, Beverage, Potlucks, etc) --------$1,000

Community Assistance -----------------------------------------------------------------$2,000

Senior & Junior Youth ------------------------------------------------------------------$1,000

Vacation Bible School & Childrens Ministry------------------------------------------$1,000

Community Outreach Events -----------  ----------------------------------------------$1,000

Coffee Bar Operations Expense ----  -------------------------------------------------$1,000


TOTAL PROGRAM INVESTMENTS:                    $6,000



Travel, Missions & Conferences -----------------------------------------------------$1,065


TOTAL MISSION & CONFERENCE  (VARIABLE)                $1,065


FAITH AUGUST 2015 - JULY 2016                                                  PROPOSED BUDGET EXPENDITURES:                $233,000



INCOME vs. EXPENSE:-------------------------- $13,000


Overages in the Budget        

The first beginning of budget increase to 2% would go to fund program investments        

Above 2%:

Building Upgrades, Parking lot upgrades.         $15,000