On June 26th,

1just one week after our arrival in Guatemala, we were invited by a friend of the larger Lutheran community to help with an eye glass clinic at


the church in Gualan. It was being held in conjunction with a group of bicyclers riding through Guatemala to raise funds for the Children’s Christian Concern Society (CCCS) from Topeka, KS. Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) put the trip together and their team included eye care professionals and other volunteers who helped with basic exams and fitting for new glasses.


Elma helped with the intake and registration of those being examined and I helped the president of the congregation by handing out tracks, talking about the “Good News” and later helping with explanations of basic eye care. The damage to eyes caused by the inten will help some of them in the future. We are in the early stages of organizing and co-ordinating with “People for Guatemala” to acquire some vented/high efficiency wood cook stoves which will help tremendously to alleviate some of the damage done to the eyes and lungs of mothers and children who are around open fires more than any others.se sun in the region of Gualan, the dust and the smoke from open cooking fires were explained to the patients and hopefully the brief education

In addition to a medical fund (to be supported by sewing) and painting of three new classrooms at the Lutheran School in Gualan, we’re working to coordinate the purchase of water filters and high efficiency vented wood stoves. There are about 600 families living in Los Limones, Gualan and at least half of them would 5benefit from these projects. Bad water and open wood fires for cooking, even outside, cause a wide range of health issues. Each water filter costs $35 and gives a family clean water for life. Each stove requires a $40 investment from the family with another $90 needed to place the stove in the home. If you would like to donate to either of these projects see the information at the bottom of this page.


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For six days 12 C.C.C.S. riders and bike for kids, in support of their “Lead a Child” program, peddled their way over 250 miles across Guatemala to raise $70,000 for children's Christian education.

July 13

Although we weren’t directly involved in the bike ride, it was nice to have been invited to participate in the arrival of the bikers and the subsequent celebration. Students form the Lutheran School met the riders about 4 miles from the school and led them into town, up the hill, around the central park and then back down to the school grounds. They were greeted with cheers, applause and fire works. We had participated in other events of C.C.C.S. in the past and it was good to renew acquaintances. C.C.C.S. has been responsible for the Christian Education of many of the members of the church in Gualan, including Pastor Jasinto who is the current pastor of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection.

-Miles Richmond.

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