Christmas - when is it over? We’ve all heard that Christmas should be all year long. It’s true. The spirit of giving, caring and sharing should never leave us. It should be part of our everyday lives. I’ve been thinking a lot about this the last few weeks and have decided to make a challenge to all who read this newsletter. The two photos to the left are the catalyst for this challenge. So here it is: • Give up the next “must have” video game • Give up the next “must have” DVD or iPhone • Give up going to see the next “must see” movie • Give up a night of bowling or a dinner out You ask what can be done with these savings? • $10 will buy a 50kg sack of cement • $15 will buy a twelve foot length of metal roofing • $50 will buy 100 cement blocks • $65 will buy a water filter that will improve health • $100 will buy a stove, improve health and save family resources for such things as education • $150 will buy the roofing timbers for one house Think about it, pray about it, you can change lives in a very meaningful way that will last for years.

It seems that every headline these days uses the words shocking, stunning, amazing or sensational. Its all hype. What’s shocking and stunning to me are the photos on this page. What’s amazing and sensational is that something can be done about it. The past is gone and the present is what it is. However we can change the future. $200 worth of medicines were bought through our medicine fund and Rebeca delivered them to the Castillo family just before Christmas. Rebeca also sent us a line-item budget to repair their home. For only $550 their house can be made a home. They need 12 sheets of roofing, 5 - 2x3’s, 7 sacks of cement and the sand and gravel to concrete the dirt floor. It also includes both labor and transport costs. The father and older children will provide some of the labor. Some of the per item costs are above. So, please be a Christmas person and help the Castillo family.

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