Stoves for Guatemalans

Everyday Guatemalans who live in extreme poverty spend 6-8 hours daily cooking on open fires which are in there house. These indoor open fires produce toxic gases which can give the women, infants and toddlers all manor of cardiovascular problems, such as pneumonia bronchitis ,impaired vision, eye disease, chronic cough, not to mention the heat from an open fire with a bare metal hot plat which can easily burn a small hand reaching for something in error.As bad as these conditions are for these families, it makes me even sadder that these conditions are normative for the culture of the poor in Guatemala.

However there is a breath of clean air coming. A Native Guatemalan Named Almicar saw this problem and has worked hard to overcome it for the poor of his country. He has designed the Champina stove. This Stove is more efficient (it uses 70% less fuel that the previous ways of cooking) This Stove is Safer. Only the cooking surface is dangerous to the touch.)THis Stove is dramatically healther. Chapina stoves vent 90% of toxic smoke.

One user, Josefina, says, “I have cooked tortillas for 45 years.  For the first time in my life I am cooking tortillas without smoke.  My stove has made cooking easier.” Another user states, “I had headaches everyday and my eyes burned a lot.  I realize now that it was the smoke in my kitchen that caused these problems. I feel better now.

This Stove is not just about cooking but also helps create a culture of Health. And it just not about the families receiving the Stove. It is about creating jobs because the stoves were designed and manufactured in Guatemala.

So This sounds amazing right? So how can you support this. One Stove Costs 125 dollars. But that i not what i want you to pay. Becasue we want these families to have pride of ownership of this stove so they have to pay for the cinder block base and 25 dollars of the stove. Now that 25 dollars is about 1 to 2 week of work. How much do you make in 2 weeks. A tax-free donation of just $100.00 will help a family purchase a stove which  will have a huge impact on an average family of 6 in many positive ways for many years. Make a donatioin at faithbentonville.com/stove


Guatemala Stove from Faith Bentonville on Square Market