With donations from many different sources we were able to provide 25 efficient and vented wood stoves to families in Los Limones, Gualan.
On March 12th, 17 were delivered to the families who had paid their Q200 share for the stoves. The families also needed to pay for transport. This was the agreement we made when we installed the demonstration stove at one of the elementar y s chool s in Los Limones. The city of Gualan was a big help by providing one of their trucks to pick up the stoves here in Antigua. Thanks to all who helped!

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In February I asked the American Legion about providing some matching funds for the purchase of 25 water filters for the families who got the stoves. They asked that I give them a written proposal which I did at our March meeting. It was approved and they are matching $1 for every $2 that we raise. We have been successful in raising our 2/3 of the funds and the match from the American Legion is now available. As soon all the details can be worked out with the supplier we will purchase the water filters and have them delivered. Each family will pay Q80 ($10) for the filter. The Lutheran Church in Gualan will handle the “sale” and keep Q40 for their outreach program and the other Q40 will be given to us which we will then donate to the Lutheran Church here in Antigua for their children’s program. We thank Bob & his family for a 1/3rd match .

The other 8 families are still working to meet their Q200 share. When this is done their stoves will also be delivered.

A long-time friend who was visiting us from Tacoma, WA heard us talking to the pastor of the Lutheran Church one day in the park here in Antigua. The church is very small and without many resources. Our friend generously donated the funds to buy Sunday School materials for the children.  They and the teacher were very grateful and made the thank you cards for Takaji (Bob) Montague. Bob, your’e a good man! Thanks!

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We received a donation to start the repairs on the Castillo house. The first thing on the list was to get them a new roof before the rainy season. On the 5th of March we went to Guatemala City with a friend who was returning to the States. Rebeca de Franco from the Lutheran Hour and her
administrator, Melvin, picked us up at our hotel where we were spending the night and took us shopping for roofing supplies. Melvin knew some shops that had very good prices and we bought everything needed for the roof under budget. We delivered the supplies to the Castillo family and were able to meet them for the first time. It was such a blessing to be able to do this and to bring the hope and light of Jesus to them. On March 13th, Melvin, the father and a carpenter installed the roof. It must have been a joyous day. We hope to see the new roof when we deliver the stove.

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The family was desperately in need of a stove, any stove. The same person, David Pack, that provided the funding for the new roof also donated the funds for one of the fuel efficient and vented wood stoves. We are hoping to find a source where we can buy just one stove and that would free the family of having to pay transport. There is no way they could afford it.

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Some months ago we introduced Lois Werner, Founder of People for Guatemala, to Karen Scheeringa, Founder of Hearts in Motion. Both organizations engage in medical programs. People for Guatemala are building a new clinic and Karen kindly donated some much needed medical equipment to them. This is a good example of how working together and sharing resources can have a larger impact on the communities being served than just going it alone.

We are so very grateful to the family, friends, churches and other individuals who have supported our work. Because of all of you 25 wood stoves have been purchased, 25 water filters are ready for delivery, the Castillo family has a new roof, a good supply of preventive medicines and will soon have a new wood stove and water filter. We have been able to pay for a tubal-ligation for a woman at the dump through the medicine fund as well as provide medicines for several children in Los Limones. We want to keep these projects going. One specific project we have in mind is to work with BuildinGUATE to replace the small rocket stoves that are part of their housing project with the larger wood stoves like those for Los Limones. The rocket stoves work well but are too small for family use as they can only use one pot at a time. The rocket stove costs Q350 ($45) but with donations of $80 each we can replace them with the larger stoves at no extra cost to BuildinGUATE. At times it seems so little, but when we think back on all that has been done we know that God is blessing our work, through you. We ask that you all prayerfully consider continuing your support for these cost-effective projects.

Support the Work Miles and Elma are doing in Guatemala. Click to Send them money. Every dime we at Faith Bentonville receive from this transaction is sent to them.