Here at Faith we love to bring the redemption, that is the made betterness, to all people. Miles and Elma in Guatemala are doing a great job of making the communities there better. We are supporters of their mission. 

Late in November last year we were able to purchase 26 more water filters. Arrangements for delivery were not made until after the first of the year due to all of the festivities with Christmas and New Year. Five of these filters were used for a project with the Lutheran Hour (above). One filter was donated to Camelia, a part-time staff member who works with Rebeca at the Lutheran Hour. She lives in a very poor part of Guatemala City with intermittent and an unclean water supply. The other four we delivered to a village near Guatemala City called Villa Lobos. Two were donated to the school, one for the elementary classes and the other for the Junior High students. The remaining two we took up the mountain, a verysteep climb, and delivered them to two families. They only have access to piped water ever-other day and it is not purified. Rebeca spoke of clean water that is needed for our bodies and of the “Living Water”, Jesus Christ, that is needed for our souls.

Pastor Jasinto and his family were in Antigua about two months ago and paid us a visit one evening. He took the remaining 21 filter packs with him when he returned to Gualan and we put the 21 buckets on the bus the next day. It took a while for him to be able to deliver the filters as he was busy finishing preparations for the first day of school in January. He and Ubaldo Jimenez, church council/ member, delivered the filters to a small village near Gualan called by the locals as “Chile”. I do not know the complete name, but the filters had been promised to them and Pastor took advantage of the opportunity to evangelize and spread the Gospel. These simple and effective filters have proven to be an invaluable tool in reaching out to people and showing them the love of Jesus Christ for all people.

Through the generosity of a friend, Celeste Lopez, tw more stoves were on their way. Celeste paid the Q200 share for each of two families and also provided the transportation costs. One stove is for a lady that she knows who has severe emphysema and her new stove will surely offer much relief by not having to cook over an open fire and will be a real blessing.
The other stove was for a lady with 4 children who until now had to live with the smoke and toxic fumes in their house. One of our most popular and important projects is the provision of these vented eco-stoves that remove pollutants and saves fire wood at the same time. Not only do these stoves improve health, but they improve the economic condition of the families.
January 28th. Another stove down the road. This time to Moyuta, a mountain village in coffee country in the far southeast of the country near the Salvadoran border. Our friends Victor and Armanda know the family of 6 children with their mother and father. One of the children is
just a baby. When we arrived with the stove she was sleeping in a hammock in the kitchen that was full of smoke. She won't need to be in that environment any more. Gracias Victor and Armanda for your help with transport and for paying the family’s share of the stove. Gracias a
Dios! Carlos is 18 years old and is one of the youngsters being helped by Vida. He is learning to read in spite of his learning disabilities. One day he proudly recited the entire 91st Psalm from memory. We thought that he would appreciate his very own bible.