I am not sure how many of you all have heard about this. We received this email at work today from a fellow associate on the situation. There is an opportunity to donate items or time. There is contact information at the bottom of the message. As some of you may know, I am in the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA). We are a non-profit Veterans Organization that helps fellow veterans in the local community.

We just found out there is a group of veteran families (50 total people of which 13 are children) that are staying at the Wingate Hotel near XNA Airport. These are homeless families that are staying there and trying to find jobs with the assistance of Veterans Administration (VA). The Hotel Administration Staff is screening all these families to ensure they are in need prior to providing them housing and are also managing the support to ensure the donations are divided equally among the families.

My CVMA group is organizing a fund raiser for this Sunday Augest 4th at 10AM at the Wingate Hotel to provide donated items and also BBQ a meal for these families. These families are in need of the following items:

  • Clothing/Shoes for the children ages 3-15
  • Food/Milk, bread, juice/Frozen food
  • Toys (coloring books crayons) for the children
  • School supplies
  • Portable basketball hoop
  • Swing set or play set
  • Gas grill
  • Cash/Gift Card Donations

Donating your time is also an option. Please call John Campbell at the hotel 479-418-5400 to set up the volunteer time. It would be nice to have someone do some arts & crafts with the children