“Forgive us our debts, as we also
have forgiven our debtors.”
– Matthew 6:12

Main Point

Unforgiven sin is an infected sliver, festering beneath the surface of our lives. A grudge is a ravenous worm eating at the root of your  health. Unless we deal with the problems in our hearts, they will deal
with us. Unless we attempt the radical surgery of confessing the sin, anger, or grudge, those evils within can only lead to trouble. Expecting God to forgive us without our willingness to forgive others will only
lead to callousness, poisoned relationships, and death

Terms of the Week!

Consequence: Something that logically follows from an action or condition.
Debt: An obligation or liability to pay or give something to someone else.
Forgive: Acknowledging someone’s confession, letting that person off the hook for what was done to harm you and not bringing it up again.
Grace: Mercy, generosity.
Trespass: Another word for sin; willfully crossing boundaries or borders against God’s (or another’s) wishes.

Remember One Thing

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Forgive us as we forgive others.”
There is joy, health and wisdom in living a forgiven and forgiving

Online Resources

Use the FINKlink Code LP06 to access interactive games, Bible Songs, and additional devotions on this theme.