“Your kingdom come...”
– Matthew 6:10a

Main Point

Society will never be perfect, but we can still work for the kingdom. We can never know God fully on this side of eternity, but we can catch a glimpse of the kingdom if we ask the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts.
Our families, communities, and relationships are broken, but they can be enriched, strengthened and enhanced when we pray for, yearn for and work for God’s reign in our lives.

God’s reign enters our world when first the Holy Spirit enters our hearts. The kingdom comes when first we pray “Come, Holy Spirit.” So, what now?

Terms of the Week!

Born Anew: A spiritual birth or awakening (John 3:1-17).
Heaven: The eternal home with God for all who die with faith in Jesus.
Holy Spirit: God’s living, empowering presence among us.
Kingdom of God: The rule, reign and will of God coming to us through the Spirit’s presence here and now, and in eternity some day.
Petition: A request. “Your kingdom come” is the Second Petition of this prayer.

Remember One Thing

The Kingdom of God begins in your life now—today—as you
receive the power of the Holy Spirit to lead a godly life.

Online Resources

Use the FINKlink Code LP03 to access interactive games, Bible Songs, and additional devotions on this theme.