“And do not bring us to
the time of trial… ”
– Matthew 6:13a

Main Point

Life is filled with ample reasons to despair. If you’re going to live, there will be times when you are tested, torn, and tempted. But you don’t have to be defeated. The power of God is yours for the asking. And even when you can’t hold yourself, Jesus can hold you

There is a power that can see you through any weakness; a light that cannot be extinguished by the deepest darkness. And that power is only a prayer away. So, what now?

“You can’t stop the crows from flying overhead,
but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair.”
— Martin Luther

joaquin phoenix... Swing away

Terms of the Week!

Satan: The evil tempter of the Bible. Once an angel, now God’s archenemy.
Save: To rescue and preserve from evil and harm both now and eternally.
Test: A basis for evaluation or judgement.
Trial: A temptation or test of our obedience to God.
Temptation: Any desire that lures us away from living as God would have us live.

Remember One Thing

God is the true source of power. God alone can help you in your
fight against temptation, evil, sin and all that would destroy you.

Online Resources

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