“Your will be done, on earth as it is
in heaven.”
– Matthew 6:10b

Main Point

“Have it your way.” This old Burger King slogan could sum up  american life. It’s all about us and what we want. How do you convince teens (and parents) weaned on advertising messages that “our way” is a dead end? How do we teach our teens to open  Themselves up for God’s will in their lives? Don’t let anyone leave this session without being confronted by this truth: We can have it our  Way, or we can have it God’s way. Our way leads to death. God’s way leads to life. Any questions? So, what now?

Terms of the Week!

Heaven: The eternal home with God for all who die in faith in Jesus.
The Fall: The beginning of sin’s power in the world as told in Genesis 3, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command and the world plunged into sin.
Original Sin: The tainted condition humanity is born with. The state of not being able not to sin.
Petition: A request. “Your will be done” is the Third Petition of this prayer.
Will (God’s): God intentions and purpose.

Remember One Thing

Jesus taught his disciples to pray to God saying, “Your will be done.”
When you pray this, you invite God’s good and gracious will into
your life and ask to be a part of ushering it into the world.

Online Resources

Use the FINKlink Code LP04 to access interactive games, Bible Songs, and additional devotions on this theme.