We will be helping with the 1st Annual Bentonville Glow Run  We need your help!

We need volunteers who like to have fun and party. The Glow Run will feature a couple of "party stations" where there will be music, strobe lights, etc. We want you to come dressed to the nines in glow gear.

Update: I heard from Parks and Rec today, One of there larger volunteer organizations is not able to help. They need our help more than ever now.

If you would like to help, Sign up on the facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/187967444694075/

Or please let us know by emailing the office at office@faithbentonville.com

[prk_tabs][prk_tab title="Who"]Anybody who love to have fun and yell encouraging things at runners![/prk_tab][prk_tab title="What"]We have a race on May 31st called the Memorial Park Glow Run. This is a 2 mile race ran at night. We need some volunteers to help along the course. What will they be doing??? Mostly having fun. We will have a couple of “party stations” where we will have music, strobe lights, etc. All we want is people to come decked out in glow gear (we will provide some) and cheer on the runners and have a good time. One station will have water but we don’t expect many to take cups during this race. The time for this would be approximately 8:45-9:45pm.

-Josh Stacy [/prk_tab][prk_tab title="Where"]Memorial Park Bentonville[/prk_tab][/prk_tabs]