Dear Members and Friends of Faith Bentonville,

It is an honor and a delight to have the opportunity to serve you over the upcoming weeks by taking portraits of you and your families for the Faith directory.

It is important to me that you are comfortable with the process and are pleased with the results. To that end, I’ve outlined the logistics of the photo shoot and how to access your images, as well as suggestions on how to look your best in your portrait.

For outdoor portraits before church, please sign up:

These are 10­minute time slots. I will be timing them to keep things moving along.

For families with young children: ’ll take the family portrait first and if there is any time remaining, take some of the the children separately. No guarantees ­ the time we have together and the success of the shoot will depend on the cooperation of the children.

For multi­generation families, extended families, etc.: I would encourage you to sign up for back­to­back time slots. This way, I can capture each household separately for the directory and then give you the added bonus of a large­group portrait with everyone together.

How to View Images and Purchase Prints

All images will be posted in a private gallery on my website. Only those with the following link have access to the pictures; no one else can see them or find them on the internet.

  •  To view your photos, click on individual images to enlarge them.
  •  To purchase prints, click the "Buy" button at the bottom of the page. Click

"CHANGE PRODUCT" at the bottom of the page to select print sizes or gifts and add to cart.

How to look FABULOUS in your Next Portrait


  • Think about the location of your background or location and choose clothing accordingly.
  • Think timeless and classic: will this portrait be on the wall 30 years from now?
  • Consider the décor of your home: if you know where the portrait will be displayed, think about how your clothing choices will look with the rest of the room.
  • Ladies: Wear more makeup than usual. The camera “eats up” about 25% of your makeup and facial features. Try this trick to determine if your makeup is enough: take a “selfie” with your phone using flash. If your features are washed out, add more make­up. You want to see eyelashes and some color on your cheeks and lips.


  • Wear loud, bold patterns : they clutter up a photograph.
  • Wear stripes. Especially horizontal. Please.
  •  Wear sleeveless tops: the camera takes a 3­D object (your arms) and squashes it into a 2­D image. This creates the illusion that the object is larger than it really is. Hence the old adage, “the camera adds 10 pounds.” Sleeves help minimize this problem and also lend a more polished look.