Jesus, we are so worn out. We live in a culture of competition, from salaries, to education, to possessions, to abilities, to perceived happiness.

We strive and we strive, and from time to time we find ourselves exhausted in every way. We’ve been trying so hard to navigate our own direction in life that we didn’t notice we were running out of fuel.

God, is this because we weren’t really running on what truly fuels us? You, God, are the only wind that lifts our sails, and your breath the only air we can breathe.

You made us, and we run on You. Any power we have, Lord, it comes from You. So when we are too tired to keep trying on our own, let us see that as a blessing, as a reminder that everything You call us to do You have already given us the power to do, and any difficulties we face – you’ve already conquered them through Your Son.

Because of this, Jesus, we cling confidently to You, knowing You have given us everything we truly need for the work you’ve called us to do, and we let go of everything else.