Jesus, one of the reasons Your word rings true is because it doesn’t hide the embarrassing messes that we, as humans, are always trying to hide.

Yet, even though we hide, and may even make ourselves believe for a moment that we have it all together, we know the truth. We know we are a mess.

Why are we so afraid to admit it? It is because we think You won’t love us? Do we really think we can hide from You what we so carefully try to hide from others? Do we really think we need to?

God, give us a better understanding of who You are. You are the father who loves us as we reject You again and again, who sees us through the anger we hide away in our heart because we ourselves are not God of our lives.

Your love for us will never lessen, nor could it ever possibly be any greater than it is right now, in all our messiness. Jesus, in trying to make our own way, we find ourselves lost in the disorder, and yet, like a perfect compass, you are always there when we are ready reach for you and turn our steps back towards home.