Jesus, we look around and see that the mark of worldly achievement is to be influential, to be followed,to be held up as a model.

We seek after ways to cultivate that polished image for ourselves, and we seek teachers who can give us “easy steps” to become what we want to be. We are taught that the brighter we shine, and the longer-lasting our fame, the greater our success will be.

This, from the perspective of eternity, is laughable. All seeming “perfection” - aside from Yours - is a fraud. All fame dies in the end – and, even if our fame lasted beyond our own lives, we wouldn’t be around to enjoy it.

Even if we followed every rule perfectly and projected a blameless image to those around us, we’d only be doing the basics of what should be expected of us. And even this we cannot do. Being what we are, we all fall far, far short of your glory.

We are nothing before you, and nothing without you, and this truth we fight with every ounce of our futile strength. This is Why you turn our eyes away from all those false ideas of perfection.

This is why You chose to communicate to us in the least likely of all ways – so we would see that the most impressive life is nothing without you. Instead, the most humble and despised is made powerful through You – and You alone.

Thank You Jesus for giving us everything we need and nothing that we don’t.