God, if You required from us a state of perfect trust, we would never be able to approach You. Sometimes, indeed, our uncertainty is so overwhelming that not only do we fear to approach – we actually want to run away. 

But Jesus, You come to the doubters. Instead of turning Your back on those who fear You, distrust You, or even hate You, You do the opposite. You reach out Your hand.

You know we all harbor fear in our hearts, we all harbor anger against You, we all secretly cling to our precious belief that our way is really the best way, that our case is the special case.

Needing You, really allowing ourselves to rely on You, means giving up our control. And that, Lord, is scary.

And yet, God, because You reach out to us, we put our trust in You in spite of our distrust, and, united to You, we are made whole in our brokenness. You, Lord, are always good, and Your love holds us without limits, without ceasing, and without qualification. Thank You, Jesus.