God, we cannot see your purpose clearly, though we get used to our limited vision and start to think we can. We want to understand You, because feeling like we understand makes us feel in control. And, deep down, we still want to control our own lives. We still think we know what we need, and we still think we need to make sure we get it.

How small we are before you, and how little we comprehend Your love. Every moment of our lives is steeped in Your mercy, and each step we take is sheltered by Your grace, and yet, because it’s all around us, we forget it’s there.

God, there are moments when we so badly want a simple answer, an easy explanation for why things happen and what they mean. Instead, we need the deep trust it takes to rest in the certainty of Your love, which overtakes anything we fear. We need to rely on Your wisdom, which extends beyond what we can understand. Simply, Jesus, we need to rest in who You are, not in the changing things around us. For You are mighty and strong, and Your love endures forever.

From Sunday http://www.faithbentonville.com/news/the-book-of-job-god-and-the-problem-of-leviathan