Parks is asking for help this Saturday morning.  Sep. 14th We need at least 6 people. I think if we have 2 shifts that would be best.

3 for first shift: 8:45-11

3 for second shift: 10:30-1

We will be handing out prizes.

If you would like to help, email the church at office@faithbentonville.com


[prk_accordion][prk_ac_single title="Email I Received from Josh at Parks."]I could use 3 volunteers this Saturday from 8:45am-1:00pm. They would just be passing out toys and little trinkets at soccer games. I need 3 at a time so it would be fine to have shifts or whatever. Let me know if this is something you want to help with. I feel like I go to your well quite a bit so let me know if it is too much.

I responded that we love to serve.[/prk_ac_single][/prk_accordion]