[pirenko_blockquote author="ZACH HUNT"]Look at the comment section of any controversial blog post or Internet article or the conversation thread on a Facebook status or just sit back and listen to a heated conversation at church and you’ll hear someone defend their unequivocally hateful attack by claiming they’re just speaking the truth in love.[/pirenko_blockquote]

I’m a firm believer in the theory that Will Ferrell movies get funnier the more you watch them.

Take, for instance, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby .

When it first came out I had no interest in seeing it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch it until it started running on TNT and I was too lazy to change the channel.

The first time I finally saw it I said to myself, “Self, this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” The next time I watched it I thought, “This is actually a pretty funny movie.” Today, it’s one of my favorite movies ever, the kind I’ll stop to watch whenever it comes on TV and enjoy ever minute even though I’ve seen it a million times before.

My favorite scene in the movie is the family prayer where Ricky Bobby prays to his favorite version of Jesus – little baby Jesus in his golden baby diapers. It’s genius.

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