Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At Faith Bentonville, “our mission is to serve a busy and distracted community, encourage them to find true fulfillment in Jesus Christ, and participate in the community of believers.” This mission reminds us of our call to serve each other and our community even during the time of change that we face within our congregation. 

Pastoral Vacancy

We are grateful for all that Cris and Coli have done for our community and us during their five years here at Faith, and we’re excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for them as they transition to their new congregation at Grace Lutheran. Please keep them in your prayers that they may continue to grow as leaders in God’s church and bring the good news of our Savior to the community of Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

The Board of Directors will be meeting with district leaders to determine the plan of action during the vacancy. Please pray for us and for the church, that we may follow the course that God has chosen for Faith.

Annual Budget

As you may recall, the congregation voted in June to approve a 3-month budget to give the church leaders an opportunity to consider options to manage the forecasted annual deficit of $49,625. The Board will be seeking the congregation’s approval of a revised proposed budget at a special congregational meeting on Sunday, September 25. 

Three significant events have occurred since the June meeting which have lowered the forecasted deficit to $18,890. 1) The congregation has been asked to pledge their contribution for the year, providing a more accurate estimate of General Fund Contributions; 2) While it will offer a different set of challenges, the pastoral vacancy will reduce the staff investment for the current year; and 3) We are refinancing the mortgage of the church, which will offer a savings of over $20,000 in Operation Investments. 

We hope you will plan to attend and participate in this important meeting on September 25, immediately following the church service. Faith Bentonville is at a crossroads and the support of the entire congregation is needed to determine the course that God has chosen for us.  

Psalm 29: 11
“The Lord give strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

May God’s peace be with you. 

In Christ,

The Board of Directors
Keith Brummett – Chairman, Beth Schommer – Secretary, Doug Hurt, Jennifer Yeager