Chapter 8 / When Your Mistakes Land You Before a Judge I always enjoyed the Boy Scouts.  I loved camping and being outside.  I remember this  one camp we went to.  It was my job to set up this large shelter for the entire troop to use.  I had to get a team together and get the shelter up.  It usually took over an hour to set up, so I wasn’t too excited about it.

But, my patrol worked quickly.  We got it up in about 30 minutes, which meant we could go on a hike in our free time.  So, we left on the hike.  When we were a little distance from camp we heard a crashing sound.  The entire shelter had collapsed.  We had forgotten to put all the stakes in.  This was why it was so easy to set up.

I was terrified to return to camp.  I knew our Scoutmaster.  He was an ex-military commander and always insisted on perfection.  He called us back with his megaphone.  As my patrol slowly and sheepishly returned to camp, we felt like we were going before the judge in a court martial.

Judges elicit a sense of fear, don’t they?  They never call you in for something you have done right.  We think of them as someone who harshly tells us what we did wrong.  And they seem to be everywhere these days on television.  There’s Judge Judy and Hatchett.  Mathis and Christina.  And my favorite—Judge Brown.

Then there are some judges you may not know.  They even have a book in the Bible with their name on it.  Judges.  These judges appeared on the scene to help sort out right and wrong.  They also helped people get out of trouble.

God’s people kept putting themselves into a never ending cycle of disobedience, discipline, declaration of wrong, and deliverance.  Judges like Deborah and Gideon and Samson helped them find their way back to God.

What did the people do that was so bad they needed judges?  Two things.  First, they failed to put God first in their lives (Judges 1:28).  And secondly, they did not teach their children to know God (Judges 2:10).  These two “sins” led to their downfall and ruin.

Are you making the same mistakes they made?  If so, you have a judge that can help you––Jesus.

The good news is that when he “calls” you into his office after you’ve messed up, you will look up to see your judge’s face and see your savior there.


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