April 30, 2014
A Letter from the President of the LCMS Mid-South District
Roger Paavola

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit the communities affected by the devastating tornadoes of Sunday evening. The Mid-South District is now prepared to respond in the most positive way for those who have suffered physical and property damage, and those 16 who lost their lives in the communities of Mayflower and Vilonia, Arkansas.

The LCMS Disaster Relief team from St Louis was onsite last night, beginning their work. We can now begin assembling goods, household products and able-bodied people to respond to families, their neighbors, and the others in the communities affected.



Thank you again for your desire to volunteer to assist in this time of need. Due to the need for good organization this weekend and the extremely high volume of workers expected to turn out this weekend, we are asking that you NOT check in at Peace Lutheran, but at one of the following Team Rubicon check-in locations. Team Rubicon (a disaster relief cleanup assistance organization begun by military veterans) is going to be the primary resource for work teams to coordinate the cleanup and relief efforts, with whom we will be working with through May (as long as they said they'd be around). Lutheran Church Charities is also working side-by-side with us, so we are indeed blessed with coordinating and organized efforts.
Team Rubicon will have buses to take people to the various work sites, and you can park in the respective parking lot of the checkin location. After this weekend, we will ask you or any volunteers from your congregations to check in at Peace before going to one of the Team Rubicon checkins, as they will be reducing the number of checkin sites sometime after this weekend.
As of Saturday morning, check-in with Team Rubicon for work will be at:1) the Conway Home Depot parking lot; 2) in Mayflower - 57 Interstate Drive (the former Mayflower Outdoors center)3) in Vilonia - Beryl Baptist Church on Highway 64B (coming from Conway)4) in Vilonia - First Baptist Church on Highway 64B (coming from Beebe/El Paso)
When you check in, especially due to the expected turnout of volunteers, please have your driver's license or other government ID ready so that you can be issued an ID badge.
At this point, Team Rubicon will be coordinating the work efforts and will assign people to what jobs need doing. Please wear pants and work shoes (if possible, boots) for working in the assigned work sites for cleanup of debris. If someone does wear shorts or flip-flops, they will be assigned to non-work zone duties (such as running errands, etc.)
The focus of the disaster relief efforts at this point is debris cleanup, separation of debris into categories for safe removal at the curb line, and safety. While there will be water available, you may want to bring your own source of water or Gatorade to stay hydrated during the day. Please be sure to stay well-hydrated throughout the day while working (it's supposed to be up in the 80's with a clear sky Saturday). Likewise, be sure to bring sunscreen. There will most likely be people running food out to the work sites, but you may want to bring your own snacks if you desire (and what you bring in, please take back out  - there will be enough debris in the area).
They will have tools available. If you choose to bring your own, you will be responsible for them.
Both Mayflower and Vilonia are currently under curfew from 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m., enforced by the National Guard and local law enforcement, so work will not begin any earlier or last longer than that time during any given day until the curfew is lifted in each location.


 Starting today, Peace Lutheran Church will be designated as the coordination point for relief workers wanting to provide clean-up. All our efforts will be coordinated through Peace who will make proper arrangements with local county disaster coordinators, the Red Cross, and law enforcement. Peace Lutheran Church and Pastor John Gierke will serve as the point of contact for those who are willing to bring work teams in for the clean-up efforts.

 Peace Lutheran Church, 800 South Donaghey Avenue, Conway, Arkansas 72034; phone 501-329-3854 email jpgierke@peaceconway.org

Peace Lutheran will also be a "Drop-Off" site for any donations of goods you may wish to donate to the relief effort.


Faith Bentonville is a NWA Drop off. 

A list of needed donations is at the bottom of the page. 

1602 NW 12th St. 
Bentonville Ar, 72712

Please drop off all items in the bins located at each of our entrances. 
someone will be by shortly to bring them inside. 

If you have questions about the donations, ask by filling out the contact form.

The other "Drop-Off" sites that avoid the congestion on I-40 between Little Rock and Mayflower include Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church (449 Millwood Circle, Maumelle, AR) and Christ Lutheran Church 
(315 South Hughes Street, Little Rock, AR).


Those who wish to provide financial support for the relief effort may send their contributions
We have 3 Ways to Give Financially 

All three give 100 percent to the victimizes of this disaster. 

Send a Check.
Mid-South District Tornado Relief Fund,
1675 Wynne Road, Cordova, TN, 38016.

Giving Through Lutheran Church Charities.

 Click the Logo

Click the Logo

 By Credit or Debit Card To Faith Bentonville

Immediate Needs for Disaster Relief

Recovery Worker Items:

  •  Sunblock 

  • Bug spray 

  • C / D cell batteries 

  • Masks 

  • Latex gloves 

  • Leather gloves 

  • Rope (any size) 

  • Duct Tape 

  • Tarps & grommets 

  • Trash bags 

Hygiene Items:

  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Baby wipes 
  • Feminine hygiene products 
  • Diapers 
  • Laundry detergent 
  • NO toothpaste or toilet paper (they have enough)

Food Items:

  • Portable freezer (to place ice and food in) 
  • Ground beef 
  • Sausage and eggs 
  • Cookies and other sweets 
  • Small condiment packages 
  • Prepackaged utencils 
  • Paper towels 
  • Sodas 
  • Water 
  • Foam ice chests 
  • Ice 

Health Items:

  • Ibuprofen 
  • Tylenol 
  • Eye drops 
  • Nose spray 
  • Hydrogen peroxide / disinfectants 
  • First aid products 

Children's Items:

  • Coloring books 
  • Crayons 
  • Playing cards 
  • Board games 
  • Electronic games 
  • AA / AAA batteries 

Other Important Needs:

  • Volunteers to wash clothes 
  • Gift cards for Kroger / Wal-Mart 
  • Rolls of quarters (for laundry needs)